April 14th, 2020

Time flies when you’re having fun, or not paying attention, or whatever.


Added Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa rough text and linked to Africa/Middle East page
Added Jamaica rough text, linked to Central & SA & Caribbean page
screwed around w/ new themes…didn’t like ’em…stuck w/ default


April 10, 2020

We’re all still trying not to go nuts…ran into my friend/neighbor while doing my sunset scooter ride, and we ended up doing 6.3 miles around the condo community (that’s seven laps, according to Rob). I talked his face off, because I had just had my power cold breakfast, which is loaded with macros and a bit o’ caffeine. Hopefully he appreciated my insight. I certainly enjoyed the company…

Added rough text for…
Africa & Middle East
Israel & Jordan

Added pages…
Vijya Games
Crazy-Ass Dreams

Rando other minor edits


April 8, 2020

Day 20-something since our world more or less stopped, or at least when I chose to recognize it. I was playing Final Fantasy 12 (oxymoron?) when the sun was beginning to come up, so I decided to scoot scoot down to “the spot” and watch it happen, accompanied by a $1 Chi-Chi’s pina colada…came home, played some more, and crashed.

I woke up around 4:30/5, did the “morning thangs,” texted some friends, and scooted to see the sunset at a nearby park…studied my TEFL course for a while, and then I got sleepy…took a quick nap, worked out some, had some fruit and cheese and nuts, and here I am!

Added Awesome Miscellany (main section)
Added Literature (collection of readings under Awesome Miscellany)
Added Unconventional Sports (main section)
Added Uechi Ryu (under Unconventional Sports)
Updated some links