Crazy-Ass Dreams

People always seem to love the insane dreams I wake up from and scribble down (or dictate, I suppose)…


Old school shit…Zuckerberg got his stuff mixed up with mine at the airport in my crappy old army trench coat made me pick a photo for him to put up. I chose to the people playing guitar. I had money left over.

RJ and I were at the flea market trying to find shit to sell. I got like $50. Splendor was helping people who were looking for our show or interview or something, because I was traveling or busy or whatever. There were “rules” about what day and time the people could go.

I was supposed to be in an interview with my other band mates at a plaza with a Burger King. Erick and Corey at least were waiting on me there. We were in the parking lot, and some tow truck showed up and they were looking for people to fuck with. It looked like Eddie didn’t have a tab, but then he lit up the back of his car and started talking shit because he actually did.

Found Eddie Dodson. We split an eighth or something. His dealers were ridiculous. They showed up with a red remote control car ahead of their car then there were three people who got out. They chased this girl (Hispanic or Asian…shorts and long hair). She fell to the ground and kicked at them, and then they “mugged” her and brought the veggie over to Eddie. I took a steamy rip next to him and smoke swirled around his head. He was smiling. We were in the grass parking lot of a pawn shop off the frontage road of US 19.


I had flip flops that were “American Redneck” brand. They looked exactly like my dusty Okibashis. I was showing them to Brady. I snagged them after some kid was at one of our shows (couldn’t tell you what band I was playing in.)

Then I traveled like in a train or something and played another show. I think I had a boss battle with a Nazi piloting some machine. Alessandra was at the after party, and Brant and Meserve and some others who were at the earlier show.

Flying in a small plane…the flight got cray (like upside down and shit), and the young pilot woman (who I’m pretty sure was drinking with us earlier) emergency landed us. It was right after an exam. Fucking scary.


It was really weird; it was cool; Dad and Uncle Buster heading out to and maybe even Mary heading out to or supposed to be like Seminole, but then it turned into this really big hill and then there’s this crazy Sunken Gardens-type resort scene we were at, and then there was like this restaurant, and all the sudden it got taken over by aliens, and I think Dad and Buster turned into Han Solo and Luke…alien things totally pulled this big heist. It was serious at first, and then it turned into the crazy joke where the aliens had a giant key that like emptied out some bank account without a receipt in the sky it was totally ridiculous.


(must have gotten distracted, mid-content-creation)


This place was like San Francisco… may be silly but Oceanside definitely a big city and there was a big party or festival or something going on now that I think about it could have been Cape Town but there were some people I knew there and after the show concert whatever you want to call it, these girls cost me a cell phone and wanted me to order them fries from presumably McDonald’s and I was taking a long time to place the order and then one of the one or two of the people that handed me the phone disappeared… then we were hanging out in the stairwell waiting for them but then people we knew kept showing up and it was just really weird I had just gotten back from like a short trip somewhere else; I want to say it was Puerto Rico or something Caribbean or tropical at least, and that people are jealous of my adventures… there was a lot of time on a boat for sure and a couple other fun activities that I did. I remember taking a dump on the boat and looking out to sea so it was like an ocean view toilet.


I was people trying to come to like make friends with Katie was hating it didn’t really get along with the people at all and I was kind of a few of the girls hitting on me we ended up compromising where I basically said I’m not going to hang out with them anymore…another sacrifice…somebody showed me this video and somebody’s phone of a group of people several of them I knew and they were singing NOFX or some sort of acapella with a pretty decent beatboxer (hey! maybe this is where I got pRbX idea!). Katie still got drunk and despondent anyway. Later there was some girl from New Zealand even though she had a European accent and she was playing with me right in front of her dude she said she had stock in some company and she figured out that’s how she knew me; because Dad owns half of it…it was a pretty fucked up Bohemian neighborhood


It was like a Fourth of July or Memorial Day party. I went out there with couple people that I can’t remember now. I had missed some other event, so I was grateful that they took me. I saw what I think was Trenchfoot playing as we drove by one place. The lady that was bartending or running the place was previously like a snake eater or something (she got sassy in a fun way with one of the party goers and mentioned that) super weird. Ian Smith was there, catching up with someone.? pandas? were there. It looked like a beach access, kind of a public facility for rent maybe? There was even a line for the guys’ room. There was a loud-ass foghorn whenever it was time for something. I woke up before that; presumably it was fireworks. I was going to change but I lost a sandal in the water…had to get that back first. The girls line for the bathroom was really long. Some Asian girl I thought I knew or had dated was standing in line… not sure who it was, but she looked good. There was a lot of crazy gluttonous yummy food. I think I was going to the stall when I woke up.