Gotta keep your mind sharp. Most of my stuff is non-fiction, business, health, self-help kinda stuff…

4-Hour Workweek – This really changed my thinking about how to live life. The guy is just incredible. He talks about how to outsource and automate many aspects of your life, so you can do the things that actually matter. People don’t necessarily want to be millionaires as much as they want to do and have the things that millionaires do. These things are actually quite attainable! Thanks for recommending this, Billy Jo.

Atomic Habits – Transform your self/life by improving 1% daily. It’s basically talking about how being consistent with small habits will majorly change you over time, for better or for worse.

Ego is the Enemy – Man, I love this. From something as simple as letting someone piss you off in traffic to major events in history, ego, or the lack thereof, affects us all. A big theme of mine lately is to be aware of ego and entitlement, and this eloquently conveys how I feel about that.

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