Cold Fusion Brekky

This is my staple breakfast. I probably eat it five days a week. It’s super noms and packs a hell of a punch. The reasonable amount of natural sugar kicks in pretty quickly, followed by the caffeine in about half an hour. Then you’ll start burning the carbs, and finally the fats and proteins a bit later. The micro nutrients from the fresh fruits and cereal assist on the boost. It should keep you going strong for half a day at least.

Grab a bowl.

Slice up half a banana and chuck it in der.

Rinse and throw in two kinds of berries whole. If you’re using strawberries, slice those first.

Add a thick pinch of coconut shavings.

Throw in half a handful of chocolate chips.

Get a big fat spoonful of crunchy peanut butter.

Two big scoops of full fat Greek yogurt.

Squeeze some honey in there for about two seconds.

Add in three or four teaspoons of ground espresso. I love Cafe Bustello 🙂

Stir it all together vigorously to make a small crater.

Fill the hole with bran flakes.

Stir it up more.

Serve with some fresh mint (optional).