Red Curry Chix + Broccoli Rice

This one’s fun and easy. I’ve been making cauliflower rice for quite a while now. I wondered if broccoli could be made the same way, considering how similar it is to cauliflower…turns out it certainly can!

Cook up a couple chicken breasts and shred with a fork.
Throw in a can of coconut milk and a small jar of red curry paste and some Thai (Bird?) peppers…simmer.
Add whatever vegetables you want to the curry. For this one, I used some chopped carrots and purple cabbage.
Meanwhile, get a couple ?bunches? of broccoli and chop ’em up finely. The big stems seem to be OK to use if you cut the tough stuff on the outside of them off.
Get either a wok or a big pan and spread the broccoli out in as thin a layer as possible.
Mince some garlic and add to the broccoli.
Pour some oil (I used olive, but sesame would probably work well) into the broccoli.
Toast up the broccoli/garlic until a decent portion of it browns. Rice!
Plate the broccoli rice and top with the curry chix.
Add sesame and sunflower seeds.