A sick new-school punk three-piece from Tampa Bay, Florida.

I started with these guys at the beginning of 2014 (I think). I’ve known Justin since preschool, and I met Leah in high school. They ended up hooking up way back then, and they’re still a thing! We all started for different reasons: Justin likes the workout (punk drums = good cardio), Leah likes the emotional release (and slappin’ da bass), and I just generally love writing and playing songs on guitar and singing. For a couple years, we had a fourth member: Justin Weimorts. With two different “Justins,” we had to distinguish between them somehow, so we settled on JW for short, or J-Dubs, for even shorter. He taught me a bunch and was great for breaking up the group think. When J-Dubs went on to pursue other things, we considered other members, but we finally decided to just keep it a simple three-piece. Our excellent chemistry tends to get derailed when throwing someone else in the mix.

Our influences are all over the board, but we all tend to converge on new school, typically West Coast sounding punk rock. (like…)

We’ve played all over Tampa Bay, and nowhere else, yet, in this band.

Brass Mug
That haunted house thing that Bistock loosely organized
The Emerald
Mahuffer’s (x2 plus CD release?)
Mario’s Barrel House (x2?)
Fubar (x2 or 3?)
The Local 662
Vans Warped Tour 2018
Cage Brewing (x2)

We have a video (Office Bono), two albums, and a couple singles so far.

Expedite – Our first jams, recorded DIY at our very own at Smokey Box Studios in Largo, FL.

  1. Bohemian Grove – Justin’s half-heartedly making fun of his own conspiracy theories.
  2. Hangover Belly – An ode to our dormant tradition of Gluttony Sunday. Eat and drink and be merry!
  3. Four Closures – In memory of four of our great friends.
  4. Office Bono – Nobody gives a shit about your band 😉
  5. Rage.5 – We’re old and have stuff like mortgages and 401(k)s and such to worry about meow.
  6. Death of Analog – Au revoir, smooth waves and sweet compression.
  7. Speedy Delivery – Inuendo central.
  8. Mayhem in the AM – Pirates…on the radio!

The Neighborhood – A concept album set in a post-apocalyptic alternate timeline. Recorded at Black Toe Studio in Seminole, FL.

  1. No Matter – Intro…we bring you into the world that this epic is set in. Disease, flooding, and heatwaves are devastating humanity.
  2. Suffocating Demise – Leah’s a scientist in the flooded city of Orlampalis trying to combat the dreaded Purple Panda disease that’s plaguing the planet and the ailing human race. A child near and dear to her disappears suspiciously. She has a close call when attacked by mutants and saved by a curious man from the shadows.
  3. Neighborhood Savior – Justin transports refugees and supplies to “The Neighborhood,” a destination of final hope for many survivors of the brutal new world. Is he the good Samaritan he puts on to be?
  4. Blueprint for Destruction – Will’s a seemingly raving street lunatic who claims to know the inside story on the power structure running Orlampalis. Combining his and Leah’s knowledge, the two realize they must take down the evils in charge.
  5. The Vile List – The two heroes approach Justin’s stronghold in the communication control facility. They dispatch many henchmen and thwart obstacles as they race to corner their ultimate foe.
  6. Revenge? Outro? – Will exposes the scandal that the aristocracy has perpetuated over the airwaves, causing mass chaos in the island city. Much death and carnage ensues during the epic final showdown.


  1. Lobottery
  2. Jack Stone Road